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Alegrito Espresso Bar Unlike Any Cafe in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

By Jerry Del Priore

I’ve been frequenting Alegrito Espresso Bar in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, for approximately a year now, and have enjoyed its coffee, with the cappuccino with steamed almond milk as my go to cup of Joe.

I relish the fact that I can enjoy coffee while pecking away on my laptop (WiFi included) without a care. The splendid ambience and charming decor — highlighted by its sleek wooden furniture and phone booth-style bathroom — just adds to the experience while providing the cafe with a stylish feel, sans the pretentiousness.


Yes, that’s just like your grandparents’ phone!!

I decided to try a bowl of the red borscht soup — a soup that is made with a variety of veggies and beets, which gives the dish its vibrant reddish color.

Up until recently, Veselka on Manhattan’s Lower Eastside was the only other time I had borscht soup, and I really enjoyed it.

However, Alegrito’s version is better, without a doubt. The establishment’s Ukrainian owner said she makes the borscht soup on the premises, so it’s fresh and delicious. She noted that she learned how to craft the soup from her mom, blending it with a special mix of veggies and spices that gives it that authentic old-world Eastern European taste.


Alegrito Espresso Bar’s Broscht Soup.

But that’s not the only delicacy that I have indulged on at Alegrito Espresso Bar. I had the Napoleon, a baked good made of many layers of puff pastry with a whipped cream filling alternating the layers (my blood glucose was low). As a French pastry it’s called mille-feuilles, or thousand leaves.  


What is Better Than Eating A Napoleon? Not Much!!

Just looking at the photo makes me want to drop everything that I’m currently undertaking and run and dive into one without any regards.

But I digress, though you shouldn’t. Go grab yourself a cup of java, hot or cold, and whatever tasty menu items (sandwiches, crepes, and salads) that fancy your plate.

Alegrito Espresso Bar also severs up hookah (I hear) at night (not cheap, though), as well as wines and teas anytime during hours of operation. You can ordered to go or dine in. 

Alegrito Espresso Bar is located at 2216 65th Street, off of Bay Parkway and 65th Street. 

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