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Review: “The General Maynyrd Band” By The General Maynyrd Band

By Jerry Del Priore 

The General Maynyrd Band

The General Maynyrd Band

What do you get when you blend classic and southern rock sounds with a hard-funking vibe, played by seasoned, talented musicians from the San Fransico Bay area? 

Well, you end up with The General Maynyrd Band, which released its self tilted, ten-track album called The General Maynyrd Band (what else?) in April. 

This musical journey started when Dan Ingberman (guitar) had amassed a bunch of classic/southern rock songs that just didn’t fit in with his band Crooked Flower’s sound. 

One day after a Crooked Flower rehearsal, two of his bandmates — Daniel Erik (Tenenbaum; bass) and Pat Shields (drums and percussion) — suggested that they form a cool side project with Drew Southern (guitar), who was making videos and also plays on some Crooked Flower recordings.  

Thusly, The General Maynyrd Band was born.

Fronted by Dave Combs of Stang, the psychedelic, progressive indie rock band’s first album delivers with kickass songs, such as the opening track, Talkin’ to My Fish, followed by Sinner

Reminiscent of the band Blues Traveler’s sound, in my opinion, due to its opening smooth harmonica play and groovy bass lines, Catch a Pirogue pulls you in and flings you onto to dance floor with its undeniable drum beat. Try not to dancing to it, I dare you?

All Six Members of TGMB

The General Maynyrd Band

The song Can’t Stop Rockin’ features more hard-driven guitar riffs and a first-rate guitar solo, lending itself to Southern Rock iconic groups like the Allman Brothers and Leonard Skynyrd, not to mention 38 Special.  

I can even hear influences from Meatloaf, Gov’t Mule, Living Color and King’s X shining throughout the album. 

The General Maynyrd Band includes musicians — Dave Combs: Vocals; Daniel Erik (Tenenbaum): Bass; Will Kyriazis: Piano and keyboards; Dan Ingberman: Guitar; Tom Relling: Slide Guitar; Patrick Shields: Drums and percussion; and Drew Southern: Guitar. 

For more information on The General Maynyrd Band and to listen to its music, log into, Facebook and Soundcloud. 

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