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Aaron Beri Bares Soul in Debut Single, Video – Naked

By Jerry Del Priore

Aaron Beri

Aaron Beri’s Naked Single.

Teaming up with top, award-winning producer Audius, newcomer Aaron Beri is ready to captivate your mind, body, and soul with a blend of sensuous vocals, high energy performances, and an unjaded, soulful musical expression.

With that being said, Beri has released his hot, easy-flowing, danceable single in January and sexy video entitled Naked in March and is working on his debut album at the moment. 

Beri has lived in a variety of places – from the small English village he was born in, where he spent countless hours jamming out to his mother’s old record collection (Steve Winwood, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, and Diane Warren), to where he now calls home in Australia. This was all sandwiched in between several successful years of working as a high fashion model in New York City, and a stint in a London law school.

Moreover, all his worldly life experiences have shaped the person and blossoming artist who’s now hitting his peak at a fever pitch.


Aaaron Beri .png

Aaron Beri in a candid shot.

“The inspiration behind Naked was to take the nostalgic sound from 90s R&B music and melt it with today’s current pop sound, to create something smooth, sensual and sexy,” Beri said.


Aaron Beri: Writer and vocals
Audius Mtawarwira: Producer, writer & backing vocals
Liv Harris: Backing vocals

For more information about Beri, log onto his website. Click the following link to like his Facebook page, as well as following him on Instagram and Twitter.

Plus, listen to Naked and Audis’ music on SoundCloud and on Spotify, and watch the Naked video on Youtube (which has amassed over 35,000 hits). 




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