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Three Chatham, Madison, Summit, NJ Mexican Food Joints for Your Quarantine Appetites

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has been lingering on, but that doesn’t have to keep New Jerseyans from going out and grabbing some grub from a few of their favorite spots. 

Hey, did anyone say, Mexican? 

At these three Mexican delights–Tito’s Burritos & Wings Summit, Mexican Spice, FolkLore Artisanal Tacoyou can either order for delivery, or drive up and take out.

Either way, your mouth will feel like its celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  

Tito’s Burritos & Wings Summit356 Springfield Ave, Summit, NJ 07901, Phone: 908.277.3710


Tito’s Burritos Loaded Tacos!! (Photo: Facebook)

Usually packed with high school and college students, and outfitted with a California vibe, Tito’s is a great spot for quick, quality burrito and tacos, among other options such as the loaded nachos, quesadillas, and its vast gluten-free menu. 

On a sun-kissed day and benches around the corner, why not grab a taco, burrito, wings or chicken strips and munch to your heart’s delight? Or, take home to share with family and friends. It’s your call. 

I tend to favor anything with grilled chicken. Therefore, The Bird Is the Word (a grilled chicken burrito, with Tito’s cheeses, rice, black beans, sour cream, pico, and fresh guac)   and The Tito Chickito (a grilled chicken taco, with Tito’s cheeses, lettuce, and pico) are good ways to satisfy my tastebuds, as well as yours. 

Cutting carbs? Well, the burritos can be made into healthier bowl options. 

There are also four other Tito’s Burritos spots: Morristown, Ridgewood, South Orange, and Booton.

Mexican Spice — 7 Cross St. Madison — 973.822.0504

Mex Spice

Mexican Spice Tacos, with a side order of a churro!!

Mexican Spice, with a food truck stationed at 7 Cross St, in Madison, is another eatery offering good, quick bites. 

Mexican Spice serves up all the Mexican staples: tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas, all of which are from decent to very good. 

I enjoy the Mexican Bowl, with chicken tinga, rice, beans, cilantro, onions, crema, salsa, and chips. But you can’t wrong with the tacos: either chicken tinga, pork carnita, or beef picadillo.

FolkLore 3

With a vast menu of delicious offerings, you can enjoy anything from tacos and quesadillas to burritos and nachos.

But it’s FokeLore Artisanal Taco’s devotion to quality ingredients, with added helpings of love and passion for crafting food, that separates it from the mundane Mexican establishments that crowd the New Jersey food landscape. 

With a vast menu of delicious offerings, you can enjoy anything from tacos and quesadillas to burritos and nachos.

But it’s FokeLore Artisanal Taco’s devotion to quality ingredients, with an added heaping helping of love, that separates it from the mundane Mexican establishments that crowd the New Jersey food landscape. 

The Tacos Cochinita Pibil — Mayan-style pulled pork, slow-cooked with citrus axitote (a spice made from the red seed of the annatto tree) and various Mexican herbs. I had a small bite of it and it was pretty darn good. 

But I summoned up a decent sized Burrito Bowl (sans burrito) with chicken, rice, black beans, cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, and a side of sour cream thrown into the mouth-watering mix.

Each level of the bowl you order comes with a choice of meat. For instance, I had two other types of meat from which to pick; either Pollo Asado or Carne Molida.

For a dollar more ($12.50), you get to select from six basic meat or chicken options. For another dollar ($13.50), you get five other choices, and for $14.50, you have four upper echelon meat or fish selections. 

Call (973) 377-5700 or visit to order.

— Jerry Del Priore 



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