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Bronx-Born, NJ Resident Camille Licandro is Relying on Living Kidney Donor for Ultimate Gift

Three years ago, New Jersey’s Camille Licandro was experiencing occasional bouts of fatigue.

Licandro did not think much of it. But an annual physical, which came with a blood test, revealed that her kidneys were in failure.

Camille and Joe Licandro need your help in finding living kidney donor.

“I just retired, and I was home,” the Manchester, N.J., resident said. “I just started to get tired during the day. (I had) no pain, no blood. It was not normal for me.”

Licandro immediately required nephrostomy tubes in both kidneys. As this disease progressed, reoccurring infections and multiple hospital stints forced the doctors to remove her left kidney in July of 2018.

However, the Bronx-born Licandro’s right kidney declined to the point that dialysis became necessary.

Licandro is doing her part to remain as healthy as possible. She follows a strict diet to keep dialysis to a limit, is an active walker, and bowls once a week in a bowling league with her loving husband, Joe.

This April will mark three years of dialysis treatments, with Joe at her side to help guide her on this arduous journey. She said Joe has been her rock through it all and she only wishes to see her family–Joe, her two children, and four grandchildren– continue to prosper and flourish in life.

“My husband Joe has been so supportive through this whole sickness,” Licandro explained. “From daily cleaning of my Nephrostomy tubes, endless doctor visits, to getting up at five a.m. three days weekly to take me to dialysis and returning to pick me up. I thank the Lord for the time we have been happily married and only ask Him to grant me some more years together to watch our grandchildren grow, and our children continue to have successful lives.”

With an unbreakable spirit, filled with unbridled hope and optimism, Licandro is in search of a generous living kidney donor to keep her aspiration of living an existence with her loving family by her side.

“I require a donor to fulfill my dreams and wishes but only ask this so that I can continue to be an integral part of my family’s lives and enjoy some years retired with Joe,” she implored. “If someone would like to be a donor, my blood type is A, but blood type doesn’t matter because St. Barnabas participates in the Paired Exchange Program.”

Licandro said the operation is not that invasive to the donor, with a short recovery time, with even the ability to return to work depending upon what they do for a living.

Through it all, however, Licandro remains positive, as she leans on her faith to get her through the challenging times.

“I do have faith,” the retired teacher’s aide said. “I do leave it up to the Lord.”

To help Licandro in her living donor kidney search, please complete the referral form and indicate donor for Camille Licandro, by clicking the highlighted link to the left.

You can also contact living kidney donor advocate Donna Tissot on her Facebook page for more information on how you can help.

— Jerry Del Priore

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