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NJ’s Mr. Socks’ World of Rock and Company Rock Any Musical Occasion

There is no doubt that when it comes to performing great live music while rocking out, Paul Fessock, A.K.A. Mr. Socks, and his talented group of veteran musicians and various other spine-tingling projects got your back–bar none.

From heavy metal to good ole fashion rock n’ roll, and everything in between, there is something to satisfy the musical tastebuds of everyone who holds a passion for amazing, entertaining live music.

First, there is his Mötley Crüe tribute band Sixx Seconds to Mars. Playing the classic, hard-rocking heavy metal Crüe tunes such as Shout at the Devil, Live WireKick Start My Heart10 Seconds to LovePrimal Scream, and list goes on, the band simply delivers an electrifying performance that transcends time and space.

Check out the video of Sixx Seconds to Mars as it pays tribute to one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time: Motely Crue.

Do you crave more? Well, there is AMP’D, New Jersey’s premiere rock band, playing the coolest rock hits from the 80s up through the ages, sure to make you scream and shout for more.

And for the fans of cocktail rock music, there is the World of Rock Trio, great for lower key events as well as weddings and corporate outings, that are in need of sizzling, smooth entertainment.

World of Rock Trio plays outdoor space in Summit, N.J.

Like to help your child become inspired to take the steps to learn a musical instrument like the guitar, or to learn how to become a next generation musical entertainer?

Well, there is Mr. Socks’ World of Rock, a high-quality rocking children’s assembly program that features motivational educator Mr. Socks (Fessock), who, along with his gifted rock band and puppet pal Heavy Metal Harry, will inform and inspire children from all walks of life.

Fessock, who teaches guitar lessons at his World of Rock music school in Summit, N.J., performs with a few of his gifted students, along with Sixx Seconds to Mars in the first video below, and with Amp’d in the second.

Amp’d with special guests Kobi and James.

Additionally, Fessock has authored four children’s books, which are all available on Amazon: Heavy Metal Harry’s First Gig, with Vince Neil; Who is Heavy Metal Harry?; Who is Johnny One Lip?; and Who is Major Rob?

Click the links below t0o purchase: (Heavy Metal Harry’s First Gig with Vince Neil Paperback). (Who Is Heavy Metal Harry?) (Who is Johnny One Lip? (Who is Major Rob?: A true story about family, friendship, and an introduction to Post Traumatic Stress).

For more information and to book his bands, please contact Paul Fessock at Paul@Worldofrock,com. Fessock performs all over New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Note: I may earn a commission if you purchase something from the Amazon links above. Please support independent arts.

— Jerry Del Priore

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