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Aaron Beri Bares Soul in Debut Single, Video – Naked

By Jerry Del Priore

Aaron Beri

Aaron Beri’s Naked Single.

Teaming up with top, award-winning producer Audius, newcomer Aaron Beri is ready to captivate your mind, body, and soul with a blend of sensuous vocals, high energy performances, and an unjaded, soulful musical expression.

With that being said, Beri has released his hot, easy-flowing, danceable single in January and sexy video entitled Naked in March and is working on his debut album at the moment. 

Beri has lived in a variety of places – from the small English village he was born in, where he spent countless hours jamming out to his mother’s old record collection (Steve Winwood, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, and Diane Warren), to where he now calls home in Australia. This was all sandwiched in between several successful years of working as a high fashion model in New York City, and a stint in a London law school.

Moreover, all his worldly life experiences have shaped the person and blossoming artist who’s now hitting his peak at a fever pitch.


Aaaron Beri .png

Aaron Beri in a candid shot.

“The inspiration behind Naked was to take the nostalgic sound from 90s R&B music and melt it with today’s current pop sound, to create something smooth, sensual and sexy,” Beri said.


Aaron Beri: Writer and vocals
Audius Mtawarwira: Producer, writer & backing vocals
Liv Harris: Backing vocals

For more information about Beri, log onto his website. Click the following link to like his Facebook page, as well as following him on Instagram and Twitter.

Plus, listen to Naked and Audis’ music on SoundCloud and on Spotify, and watch the Naked video on Youtube (which has amassed over 35,000 hits). 




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Sundogs’ New Album Conjures Up Classic, Bluesy Rock Sound

By Jerry Del Priore


Seattle’s Sundogs out with 2nd album, Legends in Their Own Minds.

With musical influences from the greats of classic rock, blues, and jazz, including Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones, John Coltrane, and the Beatles, indie rockers the Sundogs have blended a cool rock, jazz fusion sound reminiscent of the aforementioned recording artists and the periods of 1970s and ’80s.

That sound is alive and kicking on the Sundogs’ recent released 14-track album entitled Legends In Their Own Minds, the band’s second to date.

Additionally, Legends In Their Own Minds is both an audio and video album. The videos were shot during the recording sessions using green screens, and all videos have post-production computer graphic images (CGI) including in it.

The opening song, Fallen Here is remindful of the music of the Rolling Stones and the Black Crowes, with its bluesy vibes and steady rock beat, mixed in with a classic piano solo, followed by a well-done guitar solo as well.

The next tune, Snowman provides more of the hip guitar riffs, courtesy of Stan Snow, for which the group is becoming known.

Johnny is another ode to the classic rock era, featuring its driving, relentless guitar work and upbeat drumming, with accompained excellence studio musicians.

Overall, Legends in Their Own Minds is worth owning, for sure.

For more information on the band, click Plus, like the Sundogs’ Facebook page and view its videos on its YouTube Channel.

Music Videos:

Fallen Hero



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Versal Gets Visceral with Self-Titled Debut EP

By Jerry Del Priore


Versal is out with first self-entitled EP.

One would say that Javier Velez, aka Versal, is a musical genius in many respects, with the ability to play several different instruments — including piano, organ, trumpet, trombone, and guitar -both electric/classical — by the age 17. He added three additional instruments later in life to bring the total to eight. 

The Houston-based ambient/New Age musician/producer has put out his first release, a self-titled six-song EP called Versal, made public in March.

It’s a project he’s very proud of and it took time to complete because of his involvement with other various artists on other projects. 

“This is my first release, and a dream long overdue for me,” Versal said. “I have spent a lifetime involved in music, always in collaboration with others, which gave me little time to do this until now. I hope everyone enjoys this music as much as I enjoyed creating it. May all beings be happy”

Versal studied harmony, composition, orchestration, and counterpoint under professor James McCoy, Ph.D., which is evident in his piano-driven opening track, Eternal — a beautifully composed classically-sounding song.

Versal 2

Javier Velez, AKA Versal.

An accomplished computer graphics artist as well, Versal paints a charming picture in the second tune, Flamenco en Culebra, showing off his Latin roots, especially with the guitar riffs he strums.

Again, Versal displays his guitar prowess on the song, Carrousel, as he picks way into the listener’s heart. The accompanying keyboard work dazzles as he performs his instrumental magic.  

I can’t help think how Versal’s easy-listening style is so fitting for movie music scores but could be played in front of captivated live audiences as well. 

For more information on Versal, like his Facebook page, and to listen to his music and view his videos, go to SoundCloud and YouTube, respectively. 




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Voyce Memos Sends Musical Message with Catching Me In Stride

By Jerry Del Priore 

Voyce Memos

Texas-based rock/electronica indie musicians Voyce Memos have released its new album entitled Catching Me In Stride in April.

Voyce Memos’ music captures the ideas of human changes and the decisions we make, especially in relationships, love, and self-understanding. Driving funky bass lines and guitar riffs, on top of ethereal vocals and mixed electronic/live drumming, meld into something to which everyone can relate and groove.

Upon first listening to Catching Me In Stride, I immediately started to hear Voyce Memos’ musical influences from amazing bands such as Daft Punk and Death Cab for Cutie, which the group sites as its artistic inspirations, along with Phoenix, Radiohead, and Grizzly Bear, among others. 

Voyce Memos released its first single and music video, Division, on  April 5th. It’s the song that has the strongest Daft Punk (I love them) influence to me, and it also reminds me of the English synth-pop duo, the Pet Shop Boys, with its smooth guitar riffs and melodic keyboard work. 

The three-member band released its second single, Indifferent, an upbeat tempo tune, with more splendid guitar work and simple yet fine percussion beats, with the beats coming via a mix of electronic and live instrumental grooving by drummer Stephen Mokulis. VM .png

The title track, Catching Me Stride, features more of it electronica-based music for which it has become known, with electronic voice echoings and space-aged synthesizing setting the tone for a funky, chill journey.

Voyce Memos Members Include: 

Richard Borger: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys
Akash Gupta: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Horns
Stephen Mokulis: Drums

For more information on Voyce Memos, visit its website at

Additionaly, like Voyce Memos’ Facebook page, follow on Instagram and listen to the band’s music on Spotify and watch its videos on YouTube.

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Badari Takes You on Visionary Journey with EP Dream Journal

By Jerry Del Priore

Badari CD Cover

Badari  — Dream Journal.

When Badari, formerly and also known as B.A.D, was a mere lad at 18 in 2011, he released his debut underground mixtape/demo CD entitled From Start to Finish.

It caught the attention of several big names in the music industry, such as the likes of Young Money boss Lil Wayne and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan fame.

After a long hiatus from music, the Los Angeles-based hip-hop/pop artist born in Bangalore, India, is back with his recently released debut five-track EP called Dream Journal

A trippy musical experience into his dream world, with messages of pain and hope mixed in, Badari said, “Dream Journal is an adventure through my dreams as told by me. It’s like anyone’s dream diary; always an interesting artistic experience.”



My favorite tune off Dream Journal is the first song, Things I See in My Dreams — a nice blend of pop and hip-hop, with a wonderful vocal hook, This is, in my opinion, the type of track that could receive decent radio air time. 

Building off of his lyrical prowess, the song Ocean demonstrates Badari’s ability to flow and rhyme, with another smooth vocal hook. 

The Day Before Tomorrow beckons the sounds of rappers G Eazy and Mac Miller, with its steady, relentless beat and Badari’s effortless rapping style. 

A veteran of mixtapes, Badari’s second project was Uncaged, downloaded over 50,000 times on popular music hosting site datPiff and it redefined the mixtape game as it pertains to full length original musical pieces released in such a manner.

Again, a year later, Badari released his third mixtape, A Journey Beyond, which also garnered a solid measure of fan support and attention.

An up-and-coming artist, without a doubt, follow Badari on Instagram and Twitter for all of his latest news. 

In addition, listen to Badari on Spotify




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Seneko’s Latest EP, SoulNumbers, Evokes Sounds of the Other Elvis

By Jerry Del Priore 

Seneko .png

Seneki SoulNumbers

Upon listening to Stan “Seneko” Olshefski for the first time, I immediately thought to myself, “He sounds a lot like renowned English musician and brilliant songwriter Elvis Costello.”

To me, it’s especially evident on the opening track (Callin’ of the Cause) of Seneko’s recently released, five-song EP, SoulNumbers, his third EP in the past four years.

I’m not sure if it’s Seneko’s lyrics/voice or the musical vibe that evokes Costello’s classically melodic tone. But that same cool, casual sound continues with tracks like Jenny’s with Irene and doesn’t from there with tunes such as Lost On Me and The Devil You Don’t Know

I would go as far saying that Seneko sounds a little bit like the band Squeeze.

Seneko 2

Stan “Seneko” Olshefski


The New Canaan, Connecticut, resident has been described as “Think country meets Radiohead” by Wail Music Magazine and featured in the Huffington Post, who wrote, “Seneko brings to mind the whimsey of the Gin Blossoms.”

In September 2016, he debuted his self-titled EP, Seneko. Bolstered by his Indie-Pop passion, the five-song collective centers around love. And what better subject is there to devote to the essence of the album

For more information on Seneko, log onto his website @

Follow Seneko on Facebook at at at and watch his videos at








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Dig Two Graves Comes Alive with Brand New EP, Deathwish

By Jerry Del Priore 

Deathwish EP

New Jersey’s Dig Two Graves’ Six-Track EP, Deathwish

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to mosh. 

Dig Two Graves, a progressive metalcore quartet from central New Jersey (Somerville), today has released its debut six-track EP entitled Deathwish

It’s been a while since I’ve heard the type of kickass, octane-driving rock music that Dig Two Graves delivers on Deathwish

Songs like So Below and Iron Lungs and Paper Hearts make me want to thrash about and bang my head in the middle of a mosh pit, just like I did back in my younger days. 

But Dig Two Graves is more than just loud music. You can hear the band’s musical prowess in tracks such as Wick, as drummer Kenny Meeks relentlessly, yet melodically, beats the hell out of the double bass, and lead singer Mike Reisser goes from raging the lyrics to flat out beautifully belting out the tune’s words. 

Compared to bands such as Veil of Maya, Between the Buried and Me, Make Them Suffer, Born of Osiris, We Came as Romans and Monuments, the song Track 2 echos the rhythmically heart-pounding traits of a group that has eclectically blended progressive metal, djent (a subgenre of progressive metal, named for an onomatopoeia for the distinctive high-gain, distorted, palm-muted, low-pitch guitar sound), and atmospheric dream pop since 2017, that has made them a force to be reckoned with on the rock scene.


Dig Two Graves musicians include:
Mike Reisser: Vocals
Josh Brewer: Guitar
Jesse Agins: Bass
Kenny Meeks: Drums

For more information on the band, log onto its website at

Additionally, like Did Two Graves’ Facebook pagefollow it on IG @ and watch all of its videos on its YouTube channel @

In support of Deathwish, Did Two Graves has put together two visuals:
So Below video –
Deathwish video –

Plus, stream the full EP on Spotify.