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After Releasing 2 Tracks, Songstress Elizabeth Sage Set to Unleash Lastest Tune Want to be Free in June


Elizabeth Sage, an avid roller balder and talented artist, pictured here having fun in the sun.

Singer/songwriter Elizabeth Sage hasn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic prevent her from doing what she loves: create and release great music to the masses.

In fact, in a span of two and a half months, the Brooklyn-based bombshell will have released three tracks, with the third one, Want to be Free, due out on Thursday, June 11th, which, she noted, you can pre-save on Spotify:

Want to be Free captures the internal struggle when we let fear of failure paralyze us,” Sage explained.  “Forget being stuck in quarantine. The worst is when you’re stuck in your mind. I wrote this song to set me free by reminding myself that just because I feel something negative will happen, doesn’t make it real. All decisions have some sort of consequence and you just have to accept that. Doing nothing is still a decision; it’s you saying no to all the things you could be saying yes to.”

Sage released One More Time in mid-May and In My Space in March, both of which Mike Davidson of Plaid Dog Recording produced. Rich Pilkington produced Want to be Free

One More Time” captures infatuation,” while “In My Space is about wanting to get to know someone more intimately,” Sage elaborated. “Everyone has that desire, even if they aren’t touchy, huggy people. I wanted to capture that feeling.”

Sage used her background as a licensed mental health counselor to help her envoke feelings and emotions throughout each danceable, popish tune, which she mentioned she penned last summer.

One more time

One More Time by Elizabeth Sage.

But Sage didn’t claim a favorite tune. “I’m extremely proud of all three songs,” she said, with a gleeful yet playful smile. 

As gifted as Sage is, she didn’t bring the tracks to fruition without a measure of help from friends, family, and her fans, who helped fund her venture through her Indiegogo campaign. 

“I’m so grateful to those who believed in me enough to financially support that EP,” Sage said in all honesty.  

The In My Space video displays a recent trend: it features everyone filming themselves dancing and lip-synching while in quartine mode.

To listen to Sage’s music, watch her videos, and view her website, visit the following links:, Facebook, Youtube, TwitterInstagramBandcamp, and Spotify 

— Jerry Del Priore 








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